Just Say No is Harder Than It Sounds

Talk about first world problems, I’m about to complain about having too many parties to go to. I know. It’s not really a problem, but I am feeling a bit fuzzy in the brain from going out so much.

I’m a firm believer in the fact that each person has at least one trait that makes him/her special. Usually there’s a good and bad side to that trait, and the trick to leading a good life is figuring out how to keep yourself on the good side.

One major characteristic of mine is how very excited I get about most things. You’ve all* seen my happy face when I hear about a new project, idea, restaurant, homeless guy with funny sign, bar, drink, person, movie, book… yeah. I’m a friggin excitable puppy!

So, the bad part kicks in when I say yes to more things than I can handle. It seems simple. I have a planner, I can see what my week looks like and logically compute that I should not take any more on. But then, the excited puppy in me kicks in. It’s like I wag my tail so hard that I can’t see straight. And then I say yes to things. Lots of things! And they’re all so fun, and I lose track of time, and hey! 10 new Facebook friends, yay, why not.

And it really is fun. It’s just so darn hard to balance all the things that I want to accomplish as well. I don’t think I would continue being an interesting person if all I did was party. But geez, didn’t I work this hard to be interesting just so I’d get invited to things? Hee!

This isn’t a resolution because I have no tangible goals. However, I’m going to be working on saying no to more things, even when they are amazing and I will probably kick myself when I see everybody’s awesome pics of what I missed on the intertube. Hopefully, that leads to more things getting done that will be more satisfying in the long run. Wish me luck, and remember not to peer pressure me too much about going out. I’m weak!

*I’m assuming everyone reading this is a friend. And Ryan Gosling. Hi Ryan, we can be friends.


One thought on “Just Say No is Harder Than It Sounds

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