Bacon Week, Part Two

Continuing the week of cooking that bringing home the (free) bacon has inspired, I give to you, Bacon Cornbread. It’s ok, I’ll give you a minute to swoon in delight. I certainly did.

It’s a bit of a stretch to call this a recipe. All you really need are some high quality heavenly strips and a box of humble but delicious Jiffy Mix. Fry the bacon to a savory crisp (medium heat is best).

Follow directions on corn muffin mix. Crumble up the bacon and toss into the batter. Spoon into classic foil cups. Bake according to muffin directions.

These turned out so scrumptious!

Now, here’s a lil story about these darling yummies. I baked them yesterday morning so I could bring them into work. My ability to wake up early being what it is (virtually non-existent), I didn’t have time to cool them properly before packing them to go. So I shoved them into a large ziplock bag, saw the bag start steaming up and worried they’d get mushy.

In a way, that got me to work earlier since I ran to the subway to cut down on travel time. Once I was on the train, I opened the top of the bag to let the steam escape. Unexpectedly, the muffins had a strong aroma. People around me started looking 1. worried and 2. hungry (which in turn made me worried). I tried to waft the scent up into the air, away from fellow commuters, but of course this just drew a homeless man closer. Oy.

I wasn’t going to serve muffins that had been manhandled by a panhandler (see what I did there?), so I had to shift the bag back over towards the normal-looking people. The woman seated next to me, fortunately or unfortunately for her, was staring out the window so she didn’t notice anything at first. But slowly, I saw her sniff the air and sort of wave her head back and forth like a divining rod until she full swiveled around to stare down at the bag o’ muffins. Then she looked up at me. Then she looked back down at the bag. Oy.

I might have offered her one, but then I saw a couple other people eyeing the exchange. And I figured a single sign of weakness might open the floodgates for all-out bacon grasping anarchy. Luckily, we arrived at my stop soon after, and my Fab-mates got their treats. Viva la Bacon Week!


Indulging in My Food Writing

A real post is coming soon, but I’m totally proud of my recent articles for Woman Around Town and Fab, so I had to share:

Dining recap of Ballaro Caffe Prosciutteria (I can’t figure out the accent mark thingies right now)

Recipe for vanilla ice cream french toast sticks


Foodie Freebie Freeeeakout! Bacon, Part One

Omg, you guys! I just got my first foodie freebie today, and it is perfect in every way. A package with thick slabs of slow hickory-smoked, peppery bacon. To be honest, I’m not sure the food vendor wanted to give me anything. He started looking desperate when I wouldn’t let him leave, tossed the meat in the opposite direction of his exit route and took off once I was distracted. I think that’s the same tactic campers use to escape bear attacks.

Whatever the reason, I was united with my lovely bacon (I literally got to bring home the bacon!). I whispered sweet nothings into its ear all the way home, about all the dishes we were going to experience together. I had planned on being virtuously veggie this week, but forget that. This is now Bacon Week.

Tonight I went back to a classic: potato, onion and bacon frittata. I used:

1/2 Spanish onion
1 potato (Idaho) (no, YOU da ho!)
4 thick slabs of artisanal bacon that a kindly stranger hands to you (ask no questions)
6 eggs

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Save 1/2 onion (to be featured in future Bacon Week recipe). Dice 1/2 onion and caramelize over med-high heat (in an oven-safe pan) with a tiny bit of oil, salt & pepper.

Slice up the potato however you like (I did lil strips this time). Toss potato into a roasting pan, mix in the caramelized onions and put a couple small pats of butter on top. Cover with foil and bake for 20-25 mins.

While that’s baking, cut the beautiful, luscious bacon into small pieces. Crisp on med heat in the same pan that had been used for the onions. Set bacon aside, but leave a little bit of grease in the pan (wipe the outside if any dripped to prevent flames creeping up).

Mix eggs with milk (no need to measure, just whisk some in and see if it looks fluffy enough for you). Toss in a bit of salt and pepper.

Take potato/onion roasting pan out. Take foil off (save the foil) and let cool for 10 mins. Turn oven down to 350 degrees.

Once cooled enough, pour potato/onion yumminess back into the oven-safe pan that was used to cook the onion and bacon earlier (at this point, I could lick the pan and be happy, it has so much amazing flavor). Pour egg/milk mix on top. Sprinkle bacon everywhere (wow, I might just repeat that phrase everyday like a mantra). Cover with foil (aren’t you glad you saved that foil?) and bake for 30 mins.

Take out, remove foil and let it cool for 10-15 mins. Kill some time by taking pictures of everything and drafting a blog post. Oops, I mean. Kill some time by inviting me over for dinner!

Drool. Eat. Repeat.