Well, That Was Fast and Fab!

This week’s post is about me.¬†Yes yes, I know everybody wants to read more about the mama and the papa. Geez. They’re not even online and they’ve taken over my blog!

Anyhoo, new year, new job! I just started at Fab.com as a copywriter, and it really is as amazing as it seems. If you don’t know the site yet, sign up for a free account. We have a constantly updated roster of artists and cool brands who offer special sales on our site. I’m really debating if I should just ask for my salary to come in the form of store credit.

Funny enough, I was hellbent on staying independent at the end of last year. In a few short weeks, I built a ton of momentum for freelance writing and branding work. It was exciting to indulge in being a workaholic and know that all of my efforts were entirely for myself.

But you know what they say. Love finds you when you’re not looking. Apparently, that applies to jobs as well as relationships. During my daily Fab break (I was serious about the store credit for salary), I did a quick check of their job postings and fell over. After 6 months of hardcore obsessing over this company (have you signed up yet?), they listed a description that was exactly what I wanted as the next step in my career. I can’t even remember writing my cover letter. I think it was basically heavy panting over how much I adored them. It might have counted as sexual harassment if they didn’t like it, but fate was on my side. They reciprocated my feelings, wrote back in 5 minutes flat and allowed me to gush all over them.

My first week has only strengthened my feeling that this is magically right. I am surrounded by smart, driven people who achieve great things in and out of the office. We treat the designers and artists with a ton of respect because we love what they create for the world. That generosity of spirit extends to the way customers and employees are treated, too. I’m just so excited to be part of a company that is out to spread beauty and smiles through the land. This is love.