Picture This

Oh man, the whole left side of my body is aching. My hand, my arm, and the length of my back. Wanna to know what new sport I’ve been trying? Only intense, full-contact… umm, drawing.

Ctina and I took a 6-hour figure drawing class yesterday at the New York Academy of Art. We stood in front of big easels and were instructed to really use our whole bodies to make our lines. By the end of the day, I could hardly lift my pencil, but I made great progress! Here’s what I drew at the beginning of the day:

And here’s what I made by the end of the day (caution: boobies!) (yeah, art class didn’t really make me classy):

It was really fun. Even better, it was really relaxing because it forced me to focus in on doing just one thing really well for a long chunk of time. Lately, I’ve been stretching myself thin by taking classes, accepting projects, running errands, doing favors for friends, and oh yeah, getting the hang of things at my new job. While I find it all really fulfilling, it’s hard to stop the brain from going a mile a minute when there are so many things due all the time. This class allowed me the space to let go of all that for a little bit and concentrate on the task at hand.

I’m tempted to take a full course in figure drawing, but I wonder if that would make it yet another thing that adds to my plate. Maybe it was good for me because it was a one-off thing to try. I’ll have to think it through, to make sure I’m being responsible. Well, let’s be honest. I’m actually waiting to see if Ctina wants to peer pressure me into taking the class together! In the meantime, I’m just really proud of what I made.

Boobies!! (Sorry, I’m not a grownup.)