Bacon Week, Part Two

Continuing the week of cooking that bringing home the (free) bacon has inspired, I give to you, Bacon Cornbread. It’s ok, I’ll give you a minute to swoon in delight. I certainly did.

It’s a bit of a stretch to call this a recipe. All you really need are some high quality heavenly strips and a box of humble but delicious Jiffy Mix. Fry the bacon to a savory crisp (medium heat is best).

Follow directions on corn muffin mix. Crumble up the bacon and toss into the batter. Spoon into classic foil cups. Bake according to muffin directions.

These turned out so scrumptious!

Now, here’s a lil story about these darling yummies. I baked them yesterday morning so I could bring them into work. My ability to wake up early being what it is (virtually non-existent), I didn’t have time to cool them properly before packing them to go. So I shoved them into a large ziplock bag, saw the bag start steaming up and worried they’d get mushy.

In a way, that got me to work earlier since I ran to the subway to cut down on travel time. Once I was on the train, I opened the top of the bag to let the steam escape. Unexpectedly, the muffins had a strong aroma. People around me started looking 1. worried and 2. hungry (which in turn made me worried). I tried to waft the scent up into the air, away from fellow commuters, but of course this just drew a homeless man closer. Oy.

I wasn’t going to serve muffins that had been manhandled by a panhandler (see what I did there?), so I had to shift the bag back over towards the normal-looking people. The woman seated next to me, fortunately or unfortunately for her, was staring out the window so she didn’t notice anything at first. But slowly, I saw her sniff the air and sort of wave her head back and forth like a divining rod until she full swiveled around to stare down at the bag o’ muffins. Then she looked up at me. Then she looked back down at the bag. Oy.

I might have offered her one, but then I saw a couple other people eyeing the exchange. And I figured a single sign of weakness might open the floodgates for all-out bacon grasping anarchy. Luckily, we arrived at my stop soon after, and my Fab-mates got their treats. Viva la Bacon Week!


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