Only in New York!

Every year, I vow to have a less crazy December, and then December rolls around. Maybe it’s time to face facts. I not-so-secretly love to run around like a madwoman during the holidays!

On Tuesday, I went to the Roger Smith Hotel to donate toys via Tweet Drive and chill with fellow startup-aholics. They partnered with Pop Chips and SCVNGR for the event, so I spent a good part of the evening munching on yummy air-puffed chips and completing challenges like posing with one of the donated toys. The app was a great ice breaker and made meeting new people easier. Check out profesh party pics by talented photog Jesse Lash. Try to spot the one where I’m feeding Dora the Explorer a gin & tonic!

On Saturday, I visited my genius supermodel scientist friend (seriously, it’s like she took all the good genes) for a day of baking and bubbly. It was nice to put her years of laboratory training to good use in the kitchen. We made two different types of cookies, a light citrusy butter cookie and a lush rich cinnamon sugar cookie. I’ll post more photos and recipes as soon as she translates the Swiss cookbook instructions for me.

After I finished baking, I packed fresh warm cookies to bring to a dinner party (in a fancy duplex penthouse!) hosted by my genius supermodel designer friend (my goodness, I seem to hang out with a lot of genius supermodels). She made an amazing melt-in-your-mouth lasagne and a fresh arugula tomato salad. Paired with copious amounts of red wine, pink champagne, and views of the city skyline, it was one of those nights that affirmed why I love New York so much.

Ooh, holiday tip: champagne in a can is an awesome alternative to bring to a dinner party if you know other people are bringing wine. It adds an extra layer of festive fun. We all cooed over the extendable bendy straws (which were pink!) and danced around feeling like hipster Marie Antoinettes. Let them eat cookies!


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