Everything Should be Served with a Bourbon Reduction

No, it’s not what you think. I haven’t taken to huddling in a corner with a flask of bourbon and umm, salt and corn starch as my companions. Just wanted to illustrate how easy it was to make a delicious bourbon reduction for my steak dinner.

After visiting the gym today, which was gloriously empty, I went to the grocery store, which was gloriously crowded. The shelves were completely empty in the poultry section. Across the way, a juicy 2-inch thick cut of steak made (rib) eyes at me. I succumbed to its charms.

Once home, I turned the oven to 450 degrees. While it pre-heated, I roughly diced a Spanish onion, caramelized it over medium high heat, and set the sweet, silky pieces aside for later (after I ate about half of it by the spoonful). I added a bit more oil to the pan, turned the heat up to high, and placed the steak lightly on. After searing 1 minute on each side, I popped into the oven for 10 minutes (for medium rare).

During those 10 minutes, my onions were in severe risk of decimation. Next time, I should just be honest with myself and caramelize 2 onions. Luckily, I had a glass of Wild Turkey bourbon (holiday appropriate!) on the rocks to distract me.

When the steak was ready, I placed it on a plate to rest and put the pan carefully on the stove. If you’re following my instructions, be sure to use oven mitts. That pan is going to be very, very hot. Also, if you really are following along with me, it’s time for another glass of bourbon. Be sure to leave enough for cooking.

I tossed a thick slice of unsalted butter, a generous splash of Señor Wild Turkey, a smidge of corn starch, and a teensy sprinkle of salt into the pan, and then turned the burner on low heat. I happened to be making a big pot of chicken stock so I threw in a cup of that when the sauce looked too thick. If you’re still following along… how are you reading after all that whiskey? Hee!

If your sauce seems too thick, and you don’t have a handy pot of chicken stock bubbling on the stovetop, I think you can use some milk. I haven’t tried it yet, but I think I’m right. Or you could be more careful with the corn starch than I was.

Then, I just scraped all the delicious steak juice crust (that sounded more delicious before I typed it out) off the pan, stirred in the surviving onion bits, and poured everything over the steak. For this meal, I paired with a simple baked potato and garlicky spinach (not shown). Bon appetit!


2 thoughts on “Everything Should be Served with a Bourbon Reduction

  1. looks delicious! i love how you are giving us usable instructional information while also keeping it entertaining with your trademark swirlygirl humor. happy thanksgiving! 🙂

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