Cinco de Thanksgimme Success!

For the past five years, I’ve hosted a pre-Thanksgiving potluck to catch up with good friends before the holiday madness takes over. It’s called Thanksgimme because guests walk in the door with food, I yell “Thanks… gimmeee!!” and gobble it all up as they look horrified. I wonder why they keep coming every year. Maybe because I entice them with homemade marionette video invites. Say hola to Señor Turkey!

Yesterday was the fifth annual Thanksgimme (which is why I didn’t post on Sat as usual). I called it Cinco de Thanksgimme and designed a menu around classic Mexican flavors: bacon & salsa cowboy beans, baked red rice and (suuuper proud of this) Jalisco-style braised goat. Success! Everything came out muy delicioso, especially the goat, which was fall-apart tender and just the right amount of yummy fattiness to melt on the tongue.

Friends came with a taco station (including an incredible avocado cream sauce that I ate by the spoonfuls), chili blanco, jalapeño mac & cheese, homemade guacamole and salsa to die for, and loads of wine. It’s clear they know the way to my heart! For dessert, we feasted on a Junior’s cheesecake, a chocolate pie and donuts from the amazing Peter Pan bakery. Technically, none of those desserts fit the Mexican theme, but I didn’t hear any complaints.

Feliz Thanksgimme to all!


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