Gettin’ Some W & W

What a week! I didn’t even go out for Halloweekend. I just hung out with my wigs and skulls at home.

You know how some people always need R & R? Turns out I need W & W: writing & working out. Despite the hectic work schedule, I’ve started making time for those two things again. It makes a huge difference and actually makes my work better, too.

To force myself back into a steady writing schedule, I joined a Meetup group called Shut Up and Write! After a few minutes of introducing ourselves, everyone abides by the rules and writes continuously for an hour or more at each meeting. I’ve gone to two meetups already and am loving it. It’s so much easier to be productive around other productive people, instead of hanging out with my tv. (Although I have to say that the new seasons of New Girl and Community are really making tv time worthwhile, too.)

On the workout front, I’m keeping up with the footballing. Our team played the last game of the season on Thursday. I’ve been improving every week, so I psyched myself up to really make a difference this time. And I did! Not only did I pull my first flag off an enemy player, I pulled two. Both were from guys, so I was equal-opportunity about it. And the highlight was that I stopped a runaway touchdown run. The guys said that we’ll be practicing in the off-season, so I’m hoping to go pro in like, one maybe two years. Be sure to add me to your fantasy football leagues!


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