Solitude in the Snow


Since the surprisingly early snowfall began this morning, it has been dubbed many things, from Snowpocalypse to Thundersnow to Snowtober. Must be nice to get so much attention when you’re just a spot of precipitation.

I’m taking this opportunity to have a quiet day. It’s hard to get those when you work in a very public position at a popular startup and are addicted to social media. And of course, by quiet day, I really mean that I haven’t spoken much out loud. I’m still tweeting up a storm (#tweetpocalypse?).

Nevertheless, it’s been nice to catch up on reading, both online journals and actual physical pages in a book (scandalous). I’m about halfway through the Game of Thrones series (to be accurate, the series is named A Song of Fire and Ice) and dying to sword fight someone, and taking breaks to read The Huffington Post and Good for some doses of reality.

There’s something beautiful about listening to branches laden with snow crackle outside while I’m warm and curled up with a book and a warm steaming mug of joe. The heavy sound of ceramic against wood, when I place the mug down on the table, gains significance in this quiet scene. I forget how much I need days like this, and lately, it doesn’t feel like I get them enough. Once I hit “publish” on this post, I’ll be disappearing back into a world of my own. For those reading out there, I hope you enjoy what this day has to offer.




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