Hangin’ Tough

This is not going to be a big surprise to anyone: I am not a tough girl. One of the stories that my parents still love to tell is about the time I climbed a tree (I read about it in a book and it sounded fun) and then wouldn’t come down. From where I was, it looked too high to jump. I had effectively treed myself. Finally, after a lot of cajoling, someone went and got a chair for me to step down. The branch was so low that I had to lift my legs up to stand on the chair, before climbing down. Once I was on the ground and feeling safe, I realized I could have just hopped down.

Flash forward a decade or two, and here I am playing football. Ok, coed flag football where I’ve warned my teammates not to throw the ball at me, but still. Football! I’ve only had two games so far, but there’s been marked improvement. In Shirley Game #1, I worked on running in the right direction on the field. In Shirley Game #2, I progressed to knowing who was on my team, hiking the ball a couple times, and even getting aggressive enough to run, like, close to an enemy player. My goals for Shirley Game #3 are to finally grab someone’s flag (preferably from the other team) and to understand when I’m on offense vs. defense. Ooh, I forgot to mention another major milestone. My friend and I made up a victory dance! It has a little bit of everything: snapping our fingers assertively, hopping up and down, spinning and freeze-frame posing at the end. I’m not sure if football’s gonna make me tough, or if I’m gonna make football more giggly. Can’t it be both?

Wait, there’s more! This week, I started making a turkey puppet (don’t ask). For that project, I had to cut up a small piece of balsa wood, drill holes and attach it together into a + shape. So, I enlisted the help of a really handy friend who taught me how to use a band saw and a power drill. He seemed pretty amused when I insisted on wearing safety goggles, but I’d rather learn the right way. Besides, I’m already missing a front tooth, I really can’t afford to lose an eyeball.

All in all, I think I’m getting pretty darn tough. Watch out, world!


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