Eat This Blog

Used to be, when I met up with friends for a night of drinking, nothing solid would cross my lips. I saw no point to eat when I could save money and remain svelte by staying on a liquid diet (as well as being suuuuper fun, right guys? Guys??). But the times they are a’changin. When I met up with the classic Penguin art crew (not to be confused with the Penguin classics crew) a few weeks ago at the Blind Tiger, I chased down my pints of Blue Moon with a few bites of grilled cheese. It totally stopped me from becoming a fall-down, gurgling drunken mess, weird! It’s still me though. I didn’t actually order a grilled cheese. I just sorta stood next to someone who did, and leaned over to take bites when the person wasn’t looking. Mm, graft is delicious! (I could make some sort of Graft Cheese & Macaroni joke here, but why work that hard?)

The crew meandered over to The Dove that same night, where I suddenly decided to get classy by ordering myself a bottle of Nero D’Avola to accompany my Mushroom Pâté and Pine Nut-Watercress Pesto on Pumpernickel tea sandwiches. As good as that was, I got super jealous when I tasted someone else’s Goat Cheese, Lavender Honey and Rosemary on Wheat tea sandwich (amaaaazing!!) and pulled the subtle lean-and-chomp technique again. My sneak attack eating is unstoppable!


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