One Perfect Day (and then some)

It’s a bit late, but last Monday was so perfect that I wanted to share. Work had been so intense that day, that I almost decided to skip the Flaming Lips at Summerstage but my co-Quirkers kicked me and told me not to be retarded. Ya know, in a good way. I had been chained to my desk all day so it was a nice surprise when I stepped outside and found that the heat wave had broken. A pleasant little springtime breeze ruffled my hair and the air smelled sweet. Which is something, considering it usually smells like hot dogs and taxi exhaust on that particular stretch of Broadway. Once inside Central Park, I met up with Little Miss Hussy and the Silent Brit, and the three of us just sat there mostly not talking and taking it all in. The crowd was friendly and (this might sound strange) straightforward. Not sure if that makes sense, but everybody seemed so comfortable in their own skin that night that it felt good to be immersed in it. The concert took that feeling to the next level. It was like I was calm but really happy and excited, all at the same time. It was almost a musically induced out-of-body experience. Well ok, the mysterious clouds of smoke which wafted over my head from some neighboring groups helped too, but only a little!

Relaxed to the max, I subway’d down to the best pizza on earth and strolled back to the office to keep on keepin’ on for a few more hours. I know, it doesn’t sound like it should be a component of a perfect day, but it felt good to just storm through a pile of work that needed to get done. My concert-pizza-strolling high carried me so far that I found a 24 hour gym to visit before finally heading home. I definitely couldn’t do that too often, but for that one day, I got everything I wanted and needed out of life.


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