Movin’ On Up

This post is a departure from my usual meticulously researched and edited content (cough). I’m a rebel.

1:15pm. Have decided live blogging my day of packing is the way to go. Productivity levels increasing already.

1:16pm. Ooh. Hello clothes from bottom of my dresser. I missed you. Better try you on.

1:17pm. Can’t tell if I should keep this shirt. Better make a whole outfit to test it. Hair and makeup too.

1:21pm.  Technically, it is an act of patriotism to look up the history of Memorial Day.

1:27pm.  Oh wow, Marilyn Monroe shot glasses and Lolita heart shaped sunglasses!

1:29pm.  Sadness pangs.  Realized I left my blonde Marilyn wig in Vegas.

1:30pm.  Gaga dance party of one to cheer myself up!!

1:39pm.  Dizzy from head bopping to Hey Ya.

1:39:07pm.  Ooh.  Sean Paul is telling me to shake that thing.  Ok.

1:53pm.  Jewelry individually wrapped in baggies, check.  Feel like a fashion drug dealer.

1:59pm.  Didn’t know I was running a dust bunny farm in that corner.  Hai floofy bunnies!!

2:14pm.  Dancing around in everything I try on.  Testing functionality is key.

2:26pm.  Coffee induced spurt of productivity.  18 new outfits accomplished.  Wait, what was my goal??

2:55pm.  Am I still listening?  Oh Pandora, you don’t really want to know the answer to that.

3:04pm.  Did you know that T.J. Maxx is called T.K. Maxx in London?  Just found a skirt I bought there in ’02.

3:20pm.  Meticulously curated piles of clothing = progress.  Question mark?

3:31pm.  Oh.  Flo Rida was born in Florida.  That shouldn’t surprise me as much it does.

3:31pm.  I can’t believe technology has progressed to the point where talking to myself is publicly sanctioned.  And yet, I can’t get a few damn boxes packed.

3:35pm.  No, Kesha.  Stick to singing dance songs.

3:38pm.  I have so much black in my wardrobe.  So cliche.  (accent mark)

3:39pm.  Yeah yeah yeah (Ur-sher in da haooouse) yeah yeah!

4:01pm.  Damn you, American Apparel!!  Stop making me think I’m growing when you’re the one that’s shrinking.

4:02pm.  OW.  Eyeball snagged on button.  When fashion attacks.

4:24pm.  What IS that??

4:25pm.  Omggg, it just moved.

4:32pm.  What UP??  Violent Femmes to the rescue.  Lemme go oooon, big hands I know you’re the one!

4:36pm.  Steak Break!

5:15pm.  Meat. Is. Awesome.  Game on!!

Sun, 5/30.  It ain’t over til it’s over, baby!

3:13am.  Woke up in puddle of steak sauce.  Confused.  Pleasant somehow.

3:49am.  Two more boxes packed.  Meat + nap = action!

4:12am.  Left dresses on hangers.  Tied them up in sheet like giant bindle.  Fashion hobo!

4:78am.  Brain numb.  Belly growls.  Best time to organize paperwork.  Obvs.

5:34am.  Soup break!  Plus new episode of Top Chef Masters to watch, ooh!

5:47am.  Rooting for you, Chef Obi Wan!!

6:17am.  zzzz…  wha??

7am.  Ok, sleep.  But only for an hour.

8am.  Snooze.

8:09am.  Snooze.

8:18am.  Set alarm for one hour later.

11am.  Hooray!  Office organized.  Categories include freelance materials & info, contacts (the people kind, not the eyeball kind), sewing materials, art retreat supplies, stationery and toys.  Toys is the biggest category.  Ooh.  Hello smiley, dancey plastic thing!!

11:08am.  Omg, sunshine buddy trance.  Must.  Break.  Free.

11:34am.  Eep!  Coffee time!!

12:47pm.  Surely it’s ok to take a brief Haute Look break?  Oh.  Surely.  Haha, I just got that.

3:25pm.  Home stretch.  Am I insane or do I just play one on tv?


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