In Like a Lion, Out Like a Chan

What a crazy week!  First of all, yay!  J-O-B!!!!

Here’s what happened when Quirky called with the offer: I screamed yes, attempted to jump on my bed in joy and smacked my head on the low ceiling.

Here’s what people outside of my bedroom heard: “Yessss!!”  Then a bed squeaking.  Then a loud thump.  I’m suddenly a lot more popular in the neighborhood.

Anyway, I started the job almost immediately.  And just as immediately, I found out that I couldn’t write several articles a day when 8 hours were dedicated to my new company.  I know it sounds obvious, but I really thought I could continue all the projects I had taken on since my layoff.  Knowing that didn’t stop me from accepting a plum assignment to cover the Martha Graham Dance Company Gala or hosting a writing group meeting (complete with an urban s’mores station).  I just couldn’t say no!  On top of all that, I’m moving into my awesome sublet this weekend!

How do I do it, you ask?  Well, prioritization is key.  I have to juggle events, writing group, porn, a fashion marketing gig and my super secret mystery dining gig (which maybe I shouldn’t publicize here, oops).  Unfortunately, I seem to prioritize sleep at the very bottom of the list so I’ve been averaging 3 hours/night this week.  Oops!  At this point, I’m pretty much made out of coffee.  Forget the milk, I’m pouring my cereal into a bowl of coffee.  Hook me up to the caffeine IV drip, doctor, it’s an emergency.  Hey barkeep, gimme another shot of espresso, I’m good fer it.

I wonder why my hands won’t stop shaking.  The world looks like it’s on a strobe setting.  Huh.

Anyhoodle, all this sympathy building is for a purpose.  I’m being lazy and linking to my write-up of the Hudson River Pageant for my jobby blog instead of writing it up special for you guys.  I know.  I can’t look myself in the eye anymore either.


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