Dr. Strangeblog or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Be a Bum

Well ok, not really a bum.  I have been busier during my unemployment than before.  That is one of the main reasons for this blog.  I am taking on so many new and exciting projects about which I want to tell my friends!  However, said projects have completely consumed the time I need in order to tell my friends.  To quote Alanis, ironic (can I still use that reference in this century?).

Chances are, you’re here because you know me and received my shameless self-plug (that sounds wrong but you know what I mean so stop thinking something else, pervert).  Great!  Advertising works.  I am planning to update this blog regularly with Shirley-news to provide a hub for information.  As adorable as all the recent Wu-Tang Chan (sic) status updates have been, Facebook simply does not suffice.

Call it egotistical (what blog isn’t?), lazy (how dare I try to avoid telling the same stories over and over again?) and a thinly veiled attempt to become the next blog-to-published-novel success story (is it working?).  I fully agree.  I also think that the time I get to see my friends is better used actually interacting instead of running through a laundry list of what I’ve been up to.  Hope you enjoy.  The first fix is free.  If you get hooked, I’ll make you pay through the nose.


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